SBNation Black List Extension

I have a problem. I am physically incapable of scanning past certain types of comments on certain SBNation sites. I really hate to lose the 99.9% of comments that are awesome just because of my inability to look past the 0.1% that frustrate me, and I hate myself more for responding to those people when I should know better.

So, I finally put my coding where my mouth is, and made a browser extension plugin for Google Chrome and Safari that can filter out users on any SBNation blog in the comments section, automatically. =)

It’s non-destructive (if you remove someone from the black list, they’ll pop right back in the display), and I was careful to make it as high-performance as possible. It runs entirely in your browser session, and does not touch anything other than the display of the site as you see it.

It is open-source, you can check out the code at GitHub. It supports Google Chrome, and Safari. (Tested on Chrome 12 and Safari 5.0.)

The official page for it is here.

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