Never Forget What We’ve Forgotten

It’s hard to look at Twitter or FaceBook without being reminded of the events of 9/11, and their impact on our society. It is, of course, honorable and important to remember those who have fallen, and to respect those who were and are heroes from that day and now, but it’s hard to look at all those “never forget!” messages without feeling a little conflicted.

The frustrating thing is that we have forgotten. There are so many things we have forgotten since 9/11, it’s hard to believe just how much has changed in 9 short years.

Who is complicit in these things? I know I am. What have I done so far to change it? I elected a President whose rhetoric convinced me he could change things, and instead has perpetuated the policies that took these freedoms away in the name of security, while pretended to make things better and while leaving thousands of “non-combat” troops and contractors in the area.

I guess perhaps it’s time I stop saying never forget, and start saying, now I remember.

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September 11, 2010  Tags: , ,   Posted in: Editorial, Politics

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